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Ayo Dot & The Uppercuts release Fame

Check out the newest release from Ayo Dot & The Uppercuts. Fame.

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We have some really cool shows coming up over the next couple of months and i’ve made a personal promise not to make any posters/promo stuff using cats. For someone that isn’t a huge fan of cats, i post about them a lot. Keep an eye out for these catless posters that will be just as mind blowing and amazing.
Check the banner for our upcoming show dates. I give away free hugs.

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Spring bling

Spring!!! Can’t tell you how much i hate Winter…
Good to have the sun back. My fangs have retracted and I’ve put away my coffin to day walk.
Tons of awesome stuff lined up over the next couple of months. The band has stayed pretty busy. We took on a last minute show to play over at Jazz bones in Tacoma, WA. Danno, the GM happens to be one of the coolest guys you’ll meet and we ended up opening for a dope band out of San Diego. Vokab Company ( Not Vokab control *ahem*). The energy these guys bring after playing a series of shows back to back is electric. Great chemistry within the group. Another band called Publish the quest played on the bill and i found out they recorded with Femi Kuti (Son of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti) They’ve also played around west africa and with Nneka out of Germany, who also happens to be Nigerian ( or at least half of her)
Anyways, long story short. It’s been a fun ride so far. We’re getting ready to take a short road trip in April over the mountains to the East side. The Roxy in the Tricities and John’s Alley in Moscow, ID. Should be good times. If you ever make it out to John’s alley. Say hello to Vert. he owns the joint and he’s roughly 12 feet tall.

Guess who gets to play The Bite of Seattle and Taste of Tacoma in the summer? Ayo Dot & The Uppercuts. Come find us at Noon. If you can’t find us, it’s probably cause we’re shame eating in the corner somewhere.

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Ayo Dot- Thinking About You Video Premiere

The official video to Thinking About You premiered on 10.24.
Watch it, like it, share it.

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Alas it’s broken, but while you wait…..

Figured i’d post this while the music page is being updated
Stay tuned…..

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& The Uppercuts

It’s certainly been a journey the past 12 months. Playing with a live band has been a learning, but gratifying experience. I get to play and make music with five other unique and talented individuals.
It’s had it’s share of challenges, but what doesn’t. We keep getting better and every show gets us closer to being the band we want to be.
I still miss certain elements of playing with just a Dj. You always know how things are going to pan out and less personnel makes less room for error, but that’s also why i moved away from it. It was too predictable. You couldn’t move with the sound the same way you did with live instrumentation. It wasn’t as fluid and stayed somewhat stagnant, which certainly wasn’t from a lack of energy from either Bebop and I. We brought so much passion every time we played, but i wanted more. I wanted the audience to feel every bar on every crash or sound emanating from the performance.
A lot has changed the past year sonically, but i intend to keep that same energy and passion i had with Bebop. That core MC/Dj vibe you get from a great live show is being revived, only expressed in a slightly different fashion.

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Friday NIght Fever April 26th at The HighDive

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Thinking About You

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New Single-Thinking About You

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Ayo Dot feat. The Staxx Brothers at the Jet

Feat the Staquelettes.

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