Ayo Dot Live at the Jet


Our last show of 2012. It was fun to say the least and out guitarist Jordan Haas proposed to his lady friend and it was magical.

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Mo Ti So (I told ya) Music Video

It’s Alive!!!!!

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New Single ” Mo Ti So”

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The High Dive Presents: Ayo Dot….and King George VI’s coronation.

Big shout out to King George VI on his coronation (May12th) as King. He kept it real and over came his speech impediment. In celebration of his coronation, We’ve been asked to play the High Dive cause The King ( or George as I like to call him) loves the High Dive.
Wear your favorite coronation head dress and let’s get it popping.
Someone also asked if the same people in space suits and jet packs bumping and grinding on the dancefloor at the last event will also be at this event. The answer is yes.

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New Music!!

It’s been quite around here the last couple of months, but it wasn’t for a lack of noise to make. Rather I’ve been busy working on new music I absolutely can’t wait to share. A couple of tracks are in the bag, but the work is far from over. Still writing feverishly to meet my self imposed deadline. It’s definitely a departure from my last project sonically, but I’m happy with the direction it’s going.

I linked up with the fine folks at Blueroom Music and it’s refreshing to connect with like minded people just as dedicated to the project as I am. In due time, you’ll get to meet these guys at an event or show basking in the awesomeness of the sound they’ve helped create.

So, put your bayonets away, cop a plea deal and wait for some good music to smack you across the face when you least expect it. Catch you on the flip.


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Columbia City Theater Presents: Chronicles


An event that has been in the making for eons. The time is nigh.
Grab your clutches, crutches, purses, horses and man purses, but leave em in the car cause we’ll need your hands in the air.
Come catch a double headliner event. Ayo Dot and Dyslexic at The Columbia City Theater with special guests.

Ayo Dot:

Ayo is a Nigerian born artist residing in the Seattle Area with a versatile yet poignant and hard hitting style; a contrast to his often relaxed demeanor off stage.
Growing up in Lagos, it wasnt uncommon to be a fan of Juju music, afrobeat and other local sounds, but still appreciate the ever evolving genre called rap or hiphop.The later would eventually take a hold of him and he has forged forward in his attempt to blend both landscapes seamlessly.



Bob Reed aka Dyslexic, Born in Shoreline, WA, made it a point to make his disability into an ability to achieve his dreams. Being involved in arts and music from an early age he decided to use his skills in an art form known as “Hip Hop”. Thus his quest for the top started. Crafting his skill, smooth style, and story telling abilities into what you know as Dyslexic today. WORD!



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The Filthy Weekend Tour

The Filthy Weekend Tour starts off at the Jet Bar in Mill Creek,WA on Nov. 11th then we head east to John’s Alley in Moscow ID, home of the Vandals. We bring it right back to Seattle Nov. 18th at the Columbia City Theater. pow!!

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My Dreams – Music Video

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Set It Off – Music Video

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Welcome to the new AyoDot.com

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new site AyoDot.com. With this new site I hope to be able to give my fans frequent updates with everything that I’ll be up to and reach out to more music lovers as well.

With that being said, please let me know if there is any feedback on the site. Thank you!

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