& The Uppercuts


It’s certainly been a journey the past 12 months. Playing with a live band has been a learning, but gratifying experience. I get to play and make music with five other unique and talented individuals.
It’s had it’s share of challenges, but what doesn’t. We keep getting better and every show gets us closer to being the band we want to be.
I still miss certain elements of playing with just a Dj. You always know how things are going to pan out and less personnel makes less room for error, but that’s also why i moved away from it. It was too predictable. You couldn’t move with the sound the same way you did with live instrumentation. It wasn’t as fluid and stayed somewhat stagnant, which certainly wasn’t from a lack of energy from either Bebop and I. We brought so much passion every time we played, but i wanted more. I wanted the audience to feel every bar on every crash or sound emanating from the performance.
A lot has changed the past year sonically, but i intend to keep that same energy and passion i had with Bebop. That core MC/Dj vibe you get from a great live show is being revived, only expressed in a slightly different fashion.

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